How To Use "The 15-Minute Retirement Survival Checklist"

A complimentary educational workshop to explain 5 simple but important concepts and 6 critical steps to consider toward making smart choices for and during a successful retirement - designed for investors with retirement assets of $500K or more.

Online Educational Retirement  Survival Workshop

Tuesday, August 22nd
10:00 AM

Register today even if you can't attend at the scheduled time, as we will send out a replay of the workshop! 

You can watch the online workshop from your mobile device or computer.

We will discuss the following:

5 Simple but Unique Concepts and Questions to Explore

Learn how to think differently BEFORE  making any major financial decisions, to help you plan and prepare even more effectively for a successful retirement.

The 6 Critical Steps to Consider

Great! You now know your financial goals, values, gaps, and objectives. But how do you go about doing it all, and in what order? These 6 Steps are crucial to every financial plan for and during a successful retirement. 

Who Do You Turn To?

Learn how to begin building your team of financial practitioners to help guide you through your unique journey so you can do all of the things you would rather do with your time in retirement.

Why we created this online workshop:

For over 30 years, your course instructor has worked with successful people who often ask a simple question but never get a clear answer - "How do I plan for my successful retirement?"

We've learned that successful people are often too busy working and don't have time to plan for their successful retirement properly. Sound familiar?

Or if you are already retired, you may simply want to know you'll be "okay,” meaning that you'll not only have enough money for the rest of your life but that you'll have the confidence to actually spend it in order to really live your ideal retirement without having to worry about running out of money.

Either way, you've seen the market go up and down over the years and now realize there is more to a successful retirement than just managing your investments.

We created this educational and thought-provoking workshop to explain a simple way to think about your own successful retirement. Learn how to use this new and unique 15-Minute Retirement Survival Checklist for you to be able to gain knowledge, confidence, and clarity toward helping protect your assets and income while saving money on taxes for a worry-free retirement. If you are looking for a fresh start as you re-design your retirement journey, this workshop (along with the 15-minute Retirement Survival Checklist) is the ideal starting point.