The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb - Presented By America's IRA Expert Ed Slott, CPA

An online workshop that helps provides a complete action plan to help you make sure your 401(k)s, IRAs, and retirement savings aren’t depleted by taxes by the time you need to use them.

A unique and online special tax savings presentation for owners of IRA accounts worth $500k or more!

Thursday, May 6th
2:00 PM

You can watch the online workshop from your mobile device or computer.

Register today even if you can't attend at the scheduled time as we will send out a replay of the workshop! 

We will discuss the following:

Tax Planning

Creating a plan to reduce or eliminate heavy taxes on distributions from IRAs, 401(k)s and other savings.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Is your IRA an IOU to the IRS? How to ensure Uncle Sam is not your primary beneficiary.


The 3 biggest retirement risks and how to avoid them and why income planning is even more important than assets in retirement.

Ed Slott, CPA, America’s IRA Expert, is a nationally recognized speaker, television personality & best-selling author known for his unparalleled ability to turn advanced tax strategies into understandable, actionable and entertaining advice. 

Named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by The Wall Street Journal, he is the go-to resource for media, regularly providing insight on breaking news affecting retirement and tax planning laws and strategies. Mr. Slott is a Professor of Practice at The American College of Financial Services and is one of the top pledge drivers of all time with his popular public television specials.

Ultimately, through all of these efforts combined, Mr. Slott has taught millions of Americans how to get the most out of their retirement savings.